Special Tomato Hi-Low MPS

The NEW Special Tomato Hi-Low MPS Seating System provides height adjustable seating with built-in growth! And now the Special Tomato Hi-Low MPS Seating System has even more customization to offer than before. There are multiple Headrests, Back Cushions & Seat Cushions to choose from!

The Special Tomato Hi-Low MPS Seating System is uniquely designed with contoured cushions to provide the best, customized positioning for your child within a modular system. The Special Tomato cushion technology is made from a latex free material that is peel and tear resistant. It is also impermeable to fluids, which makes keeping it clean simple and easy!

The Special Tomato Soft-Touch cushion technology is formulated to be cool to the touch and does not stick to your child’s skin. The inner foam is designed to support your child, while conforming to their body to provide hours of comfortable sitting. The Special Tomato Hi-Low Seating System includes the Hip-Flex® feature found on all MPS models that allows a 30 degree range of pelvic tilt. By finding the best position for your child’s pelvis, upright sitting becomes more functional and comfortable.

Like all Special Tomato MPS Models, the Hi-Low MPS Seating System comes in six colors:

The Special Tomato Hi-Low MPS Seating System provides versatility. This means less transfers in and out of equipment. More time can be spent learning in the classroom or having fun at home. Place the Special Tomato Hi-Low MPS Seat up at a table for mealtimes or to do classwork. When it’s time for circle time at school, the Seat can be lowered towards the floor so that your child is at the same level as his/her peers. This works at home too! If friends or siblings are playing a game or watching a movie on the floor, the Special Tomato Hi-Low MPS Seat can be lowered to the floor as well.

Here’s what people are saying:

The Special Tomato Multi-Positioning Seat features a size choice of a contoured Seat Cushion complete with the Hip-Flex™ adjustment that pivots 30 degrees to adjust the seat-to-back angle for proper alignment of your child’s pelvis. The Optional Tray is also angle adjustable.
The Special Tomato Multi-Positioning Seat accommodates years of growth for your child. This unique design allows you to make simple adjustments to the Head & Back Cushions as your child grows. In addition, there are four Seat Cushion and two Back Cushion sizes allowing you to increase the seat width and depth for an average of 7 years of growth, without having to buy a complete new seating system after 3 or 4 years.
The Seat Cushions use hook and loop and our track system for easy adjustment. The Hip-Flex™ adjustment provides a range of positions between 15 degrees of hip flexion and 15 degrees of hip extension without reclining the seat back. This system allows true seat back angle adjustments while maintaining upper body alignment by changing the orientation of your child’s pelvis.

Is this Product Right for You?

  • Offered in 2 sizes with significant ability to accommodate growth in each size
  • Need a seating solution at multiple heights – floor, table, in-between
  • Mobile seating is needed

Standard Features Include:

  • Tilt-in-Space (with child in the seat) from -30 degrees to 10 degrees
  • Floor to Table Adjustment
  • Contoured Cushion Support
  • Ergo Harness Design
  • 30 degrees Hip-Flex® Adjustment for optimal pelvic positioning
  • Angle, Depth & Height Adjustable Footrest
  • Ergonomic Push Handle – comfortable grip for all heights
  • Pedal activated adjustments for Tilt-in-Space & Hi-Low functions
  • Four Swivel Locking Casters
  • Wood Accents for structure and a sleek, modern design
  • Soft-Touch® Material
  • Tool Free Adjustments
  • Initial Assembly Required
  • 5-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on cushions, strapping and shell
  • 2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on Hi-low base