Freedom Designs P.R.O. CG Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair

Meet the P.R.O. CG, a center of gravity tilt-in-space chair designed to be compact and light weight. The P.R.O. CG has been awarded multiple patents for the innovative way the chair tilts.  It’s reliably built with meticulous detail in our Freedom Designs manufacturing facility in Simi Valley California (Learn more about Freedom Designs).  The P.R.O. CG offers a number of unique features and benefits.


  • 50° of Center-of-Gravity tilt available. (0°-50° in 2° increments)
  • Super Reclining Back recline range is 65° (from 97 to 162)


  • Spring Loaded, Foot Activated-Flip-Away anti-tippers & Curb Assist anti-tippers available
  • Multi-adjustable axle mounting plates, are both height and depth adjustable
  • Caster housings are height and angle adjustable
  • Back posts adjust 4” in depth for growth and to compensate for most variations in seating products thickness
  • Seat frame adjusts 2” in width for growth and for unexpected physical changes


  • Tilt Arc locking mechanisms are robust stainless steel design
  • Seat rails are machined with flat sides to provide a mounting surface for backpost mounting brackets with no need for cove washers, resulting in less distortion and flex
  • Base frame is machined with flat mounting surfaces for axle plates with no need for cove washers, resulting is less distortion and flex
  • Value: Foot Activated Wheel Lock available at no charge