Neighborhood for People with Developmental Disabilities is Under Construction

Living in a community designed for those with developmental disabilities is a dream for many families. The stress of ensuring your loved one is always safe and may feel excluded is heart-wrenching.

Well, there’s a neighborhood under construction in Phoenix, Arizona that will wash away all of those worries. Luna Azul is set to open a model home, clubhouse and pool area in May, with the remaining 30 homes scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.

The community has two and three bedroom homes available, ranging from 1,100 to 1,900 square feet. Pricing for these homes will be between $300,000 to over $500,000 according to Disability Scoop.

All of the homes in the community will be Mediterranean-style homes with advanced technology including smart devices included.

You don’t need to have a developmental disability to live in the community, but that is who the developers will be targeting.

How does this neighborhood cater to people with developmental disabilities?

Luna Azul isn’t necessarily designed for disabled people but has features that cater to developmental disabilities.

Considering the neighborhood only has homes, this is more of a permanent move. The neighborhood is located in an urban area with public transportation. The neighborhood is also gated, providing safety for its residents.

Where it really caters to people with developmental disabilities, is the idea of inclusion. The neighborhood will have a full-time director and overnight staff, to help provide activities to the residents and look out for their safety.

The developers of the neighborhood expect to see a tight-knit community where residents can interact with one another, and gain a sense of pride.

If a disabled person feels anxious about putting the home in their or name, someone else like their parents could do so. They can also select roommates if they would like, and charge them for rent.

Residents will have to provide their own support services, but the community will promote inclusion amongst all residents.

It seems that the vision is a community where residents spend a lot of time together and have an interest in getting to know their neighbors. Some people may connect this idea to what a perfect world would be like.

How do they promote their vision?

Some people who may have interest might have some concerns with how they achieve their vision. There may be concerns that this can become a neighborhood filled with people without developmental disabilities.

There’s a good chance a few people like that choose to live in this neighborhood, but advertisers will likely promote it towards people with developmental disabilities. The feeling of inclusion is probably what they hope to intrigue their audience.

Once the time comes closer, there will definitely be more promotions breaking down the specifics. For now, it’s something to take into consideration for those in the area.

It seems like a great opportunity for people with developmental disabilities.

How can this neighborhood achieve its vision?

With the information released so far, it seems like they’re heading in the right direction. There’s staff available around the clock and seems prepared to host many events.

So, if the director can do its part in having daily events, it should all work out. If disabled people choose to live here, the more relationships they build, the more successful the events will be.

People who don’t like the idea of inclusion are probably going to stay away from this neighborhood. That leaves opportunities for families who have a lot of interest.

This whole idea can be a giant success or a complete failure. Once more information comes out, future residents will be able to show true interest. If it works out, this can be a step forward in the right direction for neighborhoods throughout the United States.


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