How Assistance Passes Can Impact Your Trip to Theme Parks

Theme parks can be anybody. Long lines, crowded parks, and loud noises can be frustrating, but for disabled people, the thought of a day at the park can be a turnoff. For some disabled people, it’s extremely difficult to endure all of these things, while trying to enjoy their vacation. That’s not speaking for all […]

Ultra-Accessible Camp Coming to Texas

In 2020, Morgan’s Wonderland and Valero will be opening up an ultra-accessible camp just outside of San Antonio, Texas. North of San Antonio, will be the 102-acre campgrounds, which will be open to children with and without special needs. Morgan’s Wonderland takes pride for building the first fully accessible theme park and water park. Now, […]

How Hollywood Fails to Properly Portray Disabled People

It’s uncommon to see disabled people in movies, but when they are, they aren’t always portrayed the right way. Nearly 20% of the U.S. population has a disability. That’s a large number of people that rarely get the spotlight in movies. There are movies that have side characters but rarely do you see the main […]