Ultra-Accessible Camp Coming to Texas

In 2020, Morgan’s Wonderland and Valero will be opening up an ultra-accessible camp just outside of San Antonio, Texas.

North of San Antonio, will be the 102-acre campgrounds, which will be open to children with and without special needs. Morgan’s Wonderland takes pride for building the first fully accessible theme park and water park. Now, they’re putting together a fully accessible camp.

This new project will cost approximately $28 million and should be completed mid-way through 2020. When finished, it will be able to accommodate 525 campers, regardless of their age or abilities.

Valero has committed $15 million over six years to Morgan’s Wonderland. Valero CEO, Joe Gorder, thought it would be a good idea to get involved, to allow children with disabilities to enjoy a camp with no restrictions.

Morgan’s Wonderland has already been successful at putting together a water park and theme park for children with disabilities. There should be a lot of confidence that they can put build a high-quality camp, that is accessible for everyone.

Activities to do at this camp

Not only will this camp be accessible, but it will have plenty of exciting activities to do on the campgrounds. The Morgan’s Wonderland Camp not only will be ultra-accessible but will bring in a wide variety of fun activities.

Some of these activities include zip lining, horseback riding, hiking trails, a nature farm, climbing walls and more. These aren’t ordinary camping activities, but activities that you would find at some of the best camps in the country.

Most importantly, all of these activities will be ultra-accessible. There will be no limitations on any of these activities.

When you enter the camp, there’s going to be a large welcome center with kitchens and special events. The camp will also have a health center that has “around the clock medical assistance.” This is good to have in case of an emergency, there’s always someone on duty that can help.

At camp, these children will never have to worry about being bored, or limited in what they can do.

What makes this camp accessible?

Specific questions still need to be answered regarding what makes the park, “ultra-accessible.” Although a lot of information is still unknown, no one is really questioning Morgan’s Wonderland, considering their success with their theme park and water park.

Before researching the camp, it’s important to know about the company’s theme park and water park. Ramps are around the park, with accessibility into the attractions.

It’s already been announced that the zip line course will have multiple platforms, helping make it ultra-accessible. The rest of the camp attractions have been announced, without releasing too much information about the accessibility. What’s important is that it will be 100% accessible to everyone.

Something really cool that the parks do is there’s free entry into both parks for children with special needs. Connecting that to the camp, the plan is to make it affordable for everyone, eliminating a potential limitation on the camp.

The camp will be around 20 minutes away from the two parks and is currently going to share the Morgan’s Wonderland website.

How it all began

You might be thinking, where did this great idea come from? Maybe the way it came about wasn’t what they wanted.

Morgan Hartman was trying to make friends on a vacation at the hotel pool, where the children then decided to quickly leave the area.

Morgan’s father, Gordon, was observing this whole time. Gordon and his wife Maggie decided it was time to build a place where everyone can spend time together with no limitations.

Since Morgan’s Wonderland opened in 2010, they have never charged children with special needs. In fact, the park understands they’re going to lose money each season, so they have to prepare by fundraising and collecting donations.

Since opening, the park has had over one million visitors. Morgan’s Wonderland has become a dream for many people around the country.


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