Jedediah Golding


Rehabilitation Director and Assistive Technology Professional

As the full-time Rehabilitation Director and Assistive Technology Professional for Ability Medical Supply, Inc., Mr. Golding’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, marketing, sales, purchasing and production, as well as client evaluation/assessment and direct-to-consumer services. Jed has extensive experience with wheeled seating mobility and assistive technology products.

Jedediah Golding’s certifications include:

  • Certified Rehabilitation Technology Supplier (CRTS)
  • Assistive Technology Professional (ATP)
  • Registered Rehabilitation Technology Supplier (RRTS)

He regularly works with brain injury, spinal cord injury, and progressive-disease clients, customizing assistive mobility products to accommodate their needs. Mr. Golding assumes responsibility for management of his team and strives to maintain the superior quality of rehabilitation mobility services provided by Ability Medical Supply, Inc.