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Special Tomato Recliner Support System

Special Tomato has done it again! The design team at Special Tomato consistently brings creative innovation to the table as they work to improve the lives of people with special needs. Research and development of the Special Tomato Recliner Support System (RSS), the first of its kind, is no exception. Who doesn’t appreciate the relaxing experience of comfortably resting in a recliner? But this experience can be unsafe or lack therapeutic benefit for individuals who have poor postural control. Individuals with abnormal muscle tone, significant strength deficits, or poorly balanced movement patterns may not be able to maintain a well aligned position of their body when sitting in a recliner. Sometimes extra pillows and blanket rolls just don’t have what it takes to maintain the alignment that promotes rest and relaxation. That’s where the revolutionary design of the Special Tomato Recliner Support System can help!

The Special Tomato Recliner Support System has been designed to drape over and be secured to a piece of ordinary reclining household furniture. The RSS offers a firm yet comfortable platform for positioning the hips and pelvis, the cornerstone of proper body alignment. The adjustable 5-Point Chest Harness and 3-Point Pelvic Harness safely maintain a stable well aligned position of the trunk and pelvis. The adjustable height headrest promotes a midline position of the head. The leg supports discourage excessive adduction/abduction and rotation of the hips and hyperextension of the knees. The easy to clean drape is secured to protect furniture. The whole RSS System attaches with four padded straps and will work with most recliner brands. Note: Recliner is NOT included.

Do you think more support is needed? The Special Tomato Soft-Touch Liners can be integrated into this system! These contoured seat and back cushions enhance lateral (side) support and improve comfort. A new Soft-Touch Liner Hip-Flex® Seat has been specifically designed and shaped for the RSS with a “living hinge” to comfortably move with and support the body as it reclines. Soft-Touch Hip-Flex Seat & Back Liner Sizes 2 through 5 fit on the RSS.

Another great feature, the Special Tomato Recliner Support System is completely portable and easy to store. It folds and clips like a suit bag and has a handle which can be used to hang it from a standard coat hook on the back of a closet door or wall. The RSS weighs only 10 lbs. It’s perfect to bring along on a visit to someone else’s house too!

The best feature of all? The Special Tomato Recliner Support System allows your family member with special needs access to the best seat in the house!

Is this Product Right for You?

  • An ideal platform to build a customized system of postural support for a household recliner
  • Easily and securely attaches to most brands of reclining furniture
  • Easy to clean recliner drape and padded attachment straps protect furniture
  • Appropriate for individuals with moderate to significant physical involvement
  • Appropriate for preschool age children through adults (35″-74″)

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Standard Features include:

  • 5-Point Adjustable Chest Harness to maintain proper position of the trunk
  • 3-Point Adjustable Pelvic Harness to maintain proper position of the pelvis and hips
  • Both large & small size chest harnesses are included for growth!
  • Height Adjustable Headrest to promote midline head position
  • Leg Supports with height and lateral (side to side) adjustability to cradle lower extremities in neutral alignment and discourage hyper extension of knees
  • Easy wipe clean and machine washable recliner drape
  • Padded straps to secure RSS and protect furniture
  • Perfect support for full recline while watching entertainment
  • Completely portable and easy to store
  • Folds and clips like a suit bag with handle to hang on a standard coat hook on back of closet door or wall
  • Able to accept Special Tomato Soft-Touch Liner Seat and Back Cushions for additional support
  • Note: Recliner is NOT included

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