Permobil K300 PS Jr.

With Permobil’s K300 PS Junior, cool kids of all sizes can get in on the action. The K300 comes with a standard adult power base, and the expandable seat pan allows for a custom fit no matter how fast a child grows. Features include flipback armrests, power seat elevator and power tilt functions with R-Net electronics. Integrated Uni-Track open the door for an infinite number of adjustments and add-on accessories. Plus, the hot new colors – Onyx Black, Volcano Red, Cobalt Blue, Purple Rain, Phantom Grey, Pop Star Pink – and the tri-spoke wheel covers make any kid the envy of the block.

Alternative Drive Controls

When selecting an alternative drive control, finding the right match based on the consumers’ goals and abilities is key to a successful outcome. This requires options that can be easily configured based on the unique needs of the individual. Whether the priority is the need for enhanced control during driving, technology integration, clean aesthetics, or unique mounting options, Permobil has a solution.