Equipment Loan Program

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The Florida Chapter Equipment Loan Program can only assist those in need with the generosity of individuals in the ALS Community.

Help us “Pay it Forward”

Ability Medical

How can I pay it forward?

  • Begin the process of obtaining your very own personalized equipment. Receiving your own personalized equipment is truly the only way to meet your specific needs allowing you maximum mobility, comfort, and independence.
  • Once you receive your personalized equipment and return the loaner equipment back to The Loan Program, it will allow another individual with ALS to benefit from the loan program.

Ability Medical

How can I get my own personalized equipment?

  • Contact Ability Medical Supply and one of our highly trained staff members will guide you through every step of the process.

Please Call: 888-572-7603 

Ability Medical

Other ways to pay it forward?

Donate Equipment

  • Donate equipment that you are no longer using to the The Florida Chapter Equipment Loan Program.
  • By donating equipment, you can help other individuals with needed equipment.

Contact The Florida Chapter Equipment Loan Program: 1-813-637-9000 ext. 113.

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