First Group of Disabled Students is Graduating from UCF IES Program

This spring, the first group of disabled students to participate in the UCF Inclusive Education Services Program is set to graduate. 13 students from this program will graduate this spring, the first-ever graduates of the program. This is a two and a half year program for students with intellectual disabilities, with IQs around 75. The […]

Do Universities Fail to Service Disabled Students?

Despite disability services on campus, many universities seem to be failing their disabled students. Whether it is the lack of understanding, ignorance, or inaccessibility throughout campus. In fact, many disabled students have reached out to social media to discuss their experiences. A recent trend on Twitter has gone viral called, #WhyDisabledPeopleDropOut. Many students are discussing […]

Neighborhood for People with Developmental Disabilities is Under Construction

Living in a community designed for those with developmental disabilities is a dream for many families. The stress of ensuring your loved one is always safe and may feel excluded is heart-wrenching. Well, there’s a neighborhood under construction in Phoenix, Arizona that will wash away all of those worries. Luna Azul is set to open […]

How Assistance Passes Can Impact Your Trip to Theme Parks

Theme parks can be anybody. Long lines, crowded parks, and loud noises can be frustrating, but for disabled people, the thought of a day at the park can be a turnoff. For some disabled people, it’s extremely difficult to endure all of these things, while trying to enjoy their vacation. That’s not speaking for all […]

How Physical Therapists Help You Obtain a Customized Wheelchair

Obtaining a wheelchair can be a complicated process, but it’s important to know how vital physical therapists are through this time. Physical Therapists help treat many different conditions using different treatments, providing education, and providing hands-on care. What they also do, is work with different companies to help ensure patients’ wheelchairs are perfectly suited for […]

Learning About the Muscular Dystrophy Association

Before you get to know the Muscular Dystrophy Association, you need to know about Muscular Dystrophy. It’s a group of diseases that cause muscle weakness and lead to a decrease in muscle mass at time progresses. Currently, there is no cure for this disease, and there are fewer than 200,000 cases in the United States. […]

Ultra-Accessible Camp Coming to Texas

In 2020, Morgan’s Wonderland and Valero will be opening up an ultra-accessible camp just outside of San Antonio, Texas. North of San Antonio, will be the 102-acre campgrounds, which will be open to children with and without special needs. Morgan’s Wonderland takes pride for building the first fully accessible theme park and water park. Now, […]

How Hollywood Fails to Properly Portray Disabled People

It’s uncommon to see disabled people in movies, but when they are, they aren’t always portrayed the right way. Nearly 20% of the U.S. population has a disability. That’s a large number of people that rarely get the spotlight in movies. There are movies that have side characters but rarely do you see the main […]

What to Know About World Autism Awareness Day

Today, Autism Awareness Day will help kick off World Autism Month. In 2007, the United Nations was able to get this day passed and adopted, to help improve human rights. Now, every April 2nd is Autism Awareness Day. Autism Awareness Day encourages individual autism organizations around the world to help aid in autism research, and […]

How Technology has a Big Impact on Disabled People

Technology plays a huge part in everyone’s lives, including disabled people. People may hate technology, but you can’t deny the impact it has on many people. In the past 15-20 years, we have seen technology advance at rapid speed. It almost seems that every year, new technology releases. New technology is released to help people […]